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Made of lava clay that forms dots after a second round in the kiln.

I sculpt human bodies that go by the name LAVA. I really love when I evoke some emotion, but how my art is perceived and what emotions it evokes, is left to the eye of the beholder.

Some people experienced that the sculptures are in a yoga pose and others that they express vulnerability or anxiety.

Pieces of her

POC 04.jpg
POC 02.jpg

Inspired by the Japanese process of repairing ceramics traditionally with lacquer and gold, leaving a gold seam where the fracture were. In Japanese it’s called Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi, golden (“kin”) and repair (“tsugi”). My intention is to expose the fracture and embrace the imperfection, turn it into something beautiful and precious. The humans fault and pain becomes exposed, instead of us hiding it we should expose it and show the beauty in being fragile and vulnerable.



Smoke comes out of the nose if you put a Palo Santo or salvia or other herbs under the sculpture. You can also put incense stick in the mouth.


Lava Zen above 2.png
Lava Zen05.jpg
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