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Evoke an emotion

How my art is perceived, and what emotions it evokes, is left to the eye of the beholder.

I am a designer in clay and I sculpt human bodies that go by the name LAVA. They are made of lava clay, whose special property is that dots form in the clay when it is fired a second time in the kiln.

The shapes should invite you to feel them, if you get the urge to do so, then I’ve succeeded.

I think I’ve always unconsciously created human forms in one way or another. I believe it’s because I appreciate forms and how they appeal to us. 


Some people experienced that the sculptures are in a yoga pose and others that they express vulnerability or anxiety. My intention isn't really the important thing. When it comes to how my art is perceived, and what emotions it evokes, I leave that to the eye of the beholder. Art is for everyone and all I want is to evoke some kind of emotion. If you get the urge to feel the shapes I’ve created, then I think I’ve succeeded, it should invite you to do that. 

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The Lava Sculptures comes in many different variants and they are all hand made. You can see more of my work in social media. Have a look and please follow me.

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LAVA Sculptures 

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All my sculptures are fired two times in the kiln. 

LAVA ZEN is a cute incense holder.
You can put a Palo santo or salvia on the plate and you can also put incense stick in the mouth.

You can buy it at Magiska Stenar at Beridaregatan 2, Malmö.
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My sculptures are also available at Ayurvediskt Center Malmö.  A place for meditation, yoga och massage.